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Showcasing collaborative research partnerships: Practitioner Researcher and Higher Education Professionals

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Practitioner research is rooted in the work of John Dewey and the belief that practitioners are both ‘consumers’ and ‘producers’ of knowledge (Cochran-Smith & Lytle, 1993, p. 9). Over the years, practitioner research has been ‘shaped and reshaped in relation to the era within which it has existed’ (Dana, 2016, p.1). In this era we are suggesting that the professional development of practitioners can be effectively supported by connecting them with researchers from Higher Education, giving them access to  the evidence base from educational research and by supporting reflective teaching and a critical engagement with the research literature.

In this event we would like to explore the synergy that might be generated by the sharing of different forms of knowledge (Fox et al., 2007, p25).  The propositional knowledge that an academic researcher may possess about the theories and frameworks relevant to a particular problem and the process and personal knowledge of a practitioner can be brought together in the context of a shared project to generate meaningful outcomes that both advance the understanding of that field and have an impact on practice.

Introducing a partnership with Higher Education brings about a power shift and we suggest it may be empowering for both parties.  We are inviting submissions from such collaborations so that these ideas can be further explored in an online event.  Please submit your abstracts by May 1st 2024.  The four themes we wish to explore are: Synergy, Power, Identity and Impact.  Please indicate which theme your submission is aligned to.

The deadline for submissions is: 1st May

Outcomes will be communicated by: 7th May

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Chairs and Speakers

Profile picture of Claire Tyson
Claire Tyson, Dr

Teacher Researcher at Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre

Claire Tyson is a teacher researcher based at Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre, where she combines teaching science with her research post. Her PhD was obtained by studying part time with Queen Mary, University of London in Clinical...

Profile picture of Joyce Chen
Joyce Chen, Dr

Further Education Lecturer and Teacher Educator at The College of West Anglia/University Centre West Anglia

Dr Joyce I-Hui Chen has recently been awarded her PhD in Education Studies. She has been working in different educational sectors for more than 20 years in Taiwan and in the United Kingdom (UK), from primary education to higher education. Her...

Profile picture of Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor, Dr

LSE Fellow at London School of Economics & Political Science

Emma Taylor has over 12 years of experience teaching Geography to secondary school students in London. Alongside teaching, she has recently undertaken the role of Research Lead at the school in which she currently works. Her research role...

Profile picture of Julia Everitt
Julia Everitt, Dr

Research Fellow at Birmingham City University

Dr Julia Everitt is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Birmingham City University (BCU) and has worked in higher education as a researcher since 2014. Julia was awarded her doctorate in 2018 and as a researcher has been involved in over 30 research...

Profile picture of Kate Mawson
Kate Mawson, Dr

Principal Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University

Dr Kate Mawson has significant teaching experience across a range of institutions and has worked in Secondary and Higher Education institutions since 2002. Kate is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Founding Fellow of the...