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Pre-Conference Workshops

8 September 2024 to 12 September 2024University of Manchester

Research Impact – developing more reach
Sunday 8 September 2024

Price: from £25
Venue: University of Manchester

This workshop will explore how researchers can plan for research impact, from the beginning stages of a research journey. It aims to equip delegates with appropriate knowledge and a suite of skills to assist them in targeting their research audience.

Sharing best practice – getting your research out to the wider community
Dr Una O’Connor Bones, Ulster University

A career in academia does not always follow a linear path. Having originally trained as a primary school teacher, Dr Una O’Connor Bones moved into higher education, essentially starting from scratch, working first as a research administrator and part-time doctoral student, then contract research assistant, early career researcher, lecturer to currently holding the role of Research Director in the School of Education at Ulster University.  In this talk, Una will reflect on the stages of this journey, lessons learnt and professional dilemmas in carving a career as an academic. This opportunity for reflection and discussion will be useful to others on an academic career trajectory.

Getting the Word Out (Promotion and Circulation)
Professor Daniel Muijs, Head of School of Education, Queen’s University Belfast

So you’ve done a great piece of research, but how do you get people to know about it? Of course there is the journal article and the conference, but having an impact is about much more than that. In this presentation I will be discussing the different audiences we might want to reach and why they matter both to the ethical purpose of educational research and to your career. I will look at what channels and means we can use to reach those audiences, and what barriers you may face. I will also discuss what the risks of promotion are, and what you can (and cannot) do about them.   

The Researcher Journey
Dr Rebekah Ackroyd, University of Cumbria; Professor Sin Wang Chong, University of St Andrews

This conclusion to the workshop will draw on our experiences as early career researchers (ECRs) to promote critical reflection and action planning about how to develop and disseminate findings from research. We will focus on how we have built skills, capacity, networks and knowledge for disseminating our research and explore how this form an important consideration when designing research projects. In sharing our own learning curves about the challenges and rewards of seeking to ‘get our research out there’ we hope those present will have occasion to reflect on their own dissemination goals and feel inspired to set some key targets for the reach of their current and/or next research project.

Workshop Leads

Profile picture of Una O’Connor
Una O’Connor, Dr

Senior Lecturer at Ulster University

Dr Una O’Connor is a senior lecturer, based in the UNESCO Centre, School of Education, Ulster University. Her teaching and research focus on improving educational outcomes for children and young people, with a particular emphasis on social...

Profile picture of Daniel Muijs
Daniel Muijs, Professor

Professor at Queen's University Belfast

Daniel Muijs is Head of the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work and Professor of Education at Queen’s University Belfast. He is an acknowledged expert in the fields of educational and teacher effectiveness, school improvement...

Profile picture of Rebekah Ackroyd
Rebekah Ackroyd, Dr

Lecturer in Education at University of Cumbria

Rebekah Ackroyd is the Early Career Researcher Network Regional Rep for the North of England. Rebekah is a lecturer in education at the University of Cumbria working on postgraduate provision. Her PhD research examined how teachers of Religious...

Profile picture of Sin-Wang Chong
Sin-Wang Chong, Professor

Director of Impact and Innovation at University of St Andrews

Sin Wang (Ph.D., SFHEA, FRSA) is Director of Impact and Innovation at the International Education Institute, University of St Andrews. Concurrently, he is Professor, Head of Evidence Synthesis, and Chair of Research Ethics at the National...