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Daniel Muijs, Professor

Professor at Queen's University Belfast

Daniel Muijs is Head of the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work and Professor of Education at Queen’s University Belfast. He is an acknowledged expert in the fields of educational and teacher effectiveness, school improvement and research methods and has published widely in these areas. He is co-editor of the journal ‘School Effectiveness and School Improvement’, and has held key advisory posts in a range of academic and professional organisations. He previously held professorial and leadership positions at universities in England and the Netherlands, and was Director of Research and Evaluation at Ofsted.

Daniel Muijs's contributions

Research Impact – developing more reach

Research Impact – developing more reach Sunday 8 September 2024 13:30-17:30 This workshop will explore how researchers can plan for research impact, from the beginning stages of a research...

Upcoming conference

Expert Panel on Educational Research Funding

BERA Council has agreed to establish an expert panel to investigate the situation regarding funding for educational research in the UK. David James (Cardiff University, and chair of the REF 2021...

Ongoing project

How to develop more reach for your research

This BERA ECR conference offered a range of strategies to ensure your research has ‘reach’, that is, impact from the word go! The two keynote sessions explored how researchers can plan for...

Past event3 Nov 2023