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Curriculum coherence facilitates school development

The ways in which local educational stakeholders interpret and understand curriculum reform is crucial to its effects on everyday school practice (see for exampleSpillane, Reiser & Reimer, 2002)....

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  • Jenni Sullanmaa
  • Kirsi Pyhältö
  • Janne Pietarinen
  • Tiina Soini

Blog post14 Jun 2019

Opening Pathways from Critical Research to Policy

Online registration has now closed. If you want to attend this event, please email for details of how to register onsite. In 2015 BERA critical education researchers took a...

Past event30 May 2019

The competing discourses of school readiness

BERA’s first of its four seminars on school readiness. The research commission and seminar build upon the seminar – which will be held at the University of Manchester on Thursday 9 May –...

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  • Guy Roberts-Holmes
  • Jan Georgeson
  • Verity Campbell-Barr

Blog post3 May 2019

The Future of Educational Research in Wales

This report, published by BERA in partnership with the Welsh Government, presents the proceedings of and lessons from the English and English and Welsh – for attendees' account of the wealth of...

Reports27 Mar 2019