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New BERA book series launching with Emerald Publishing

We are delighted to announce that BERA is working in partnership with Emerald Publishing to launch a new series of books, provisionally titled BERA Guides to Educational Research and Practice. Aimed at researchers, postgraduate students and practitioners, the series will publish short, research-informed and accessible introductions to key interdisciplinary topics impacting educational research and practice.

Books in the series will offer a summary of the research on a particular topic, charting how scholarly thought and practice on the issue has evolved over time, and offer key takeaways and suggestions for educational research and practice. Viewed as research and practice ‘primers’ on each topic, the guides will be relevant to a broad academic audience, including early career and established researchers, postgraduate students, as well as practitioners where appropriate. The books will draw on international literature to provide a true synthesis of the scholarly literature.

Written in shortform and in an accessible and readable style, the series will aim to keep up with emerging trends, concerns and discussions within the education research and practice communities. Initial target topic areas include (but are not limited to):

  • mental health and wellbeing
  • sustainability
  • diversity and inclusion.

We are currently accepting proposals for the series, and targeted commissioning is taking place for the initial topic areas listed above. If you are interested in writing for the series, please contact Katy Mathers, Commissioning Editor at Emerald Publishing,