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Arts Based Educational Research

Arts Based Educational Research (ABER) uses ideas, methods, techniques, and processes from the arts to help understand and improve education.

Special Interest Group

BERA Press Coverage to date

Tuesday news stories Pupils having to repeat language lessons Evening Standard The Express Government must tackle causes, not just symptoms, of poverty Yorkshire Post Wednesday...

BERA in the news18 Dec 2013

Special Interest Groups

SIG activities and events take place across the UK and members can be involved by attending SIG meetings and events or through participation in the SIG online communities. The current SIGs...

BERA Journals

The Association is proud to publish a suite of highly regarded and internationally peer-reviewed journals. Access to each of them, and to the European Educational Research Journal, is a benefit...

Ethics and guidance

BERA's ethics and guidance documents are used by educational researchers and those active in many other disciplines. Our publications include the following documents. BERA's Ethical...

BERA Staff

BERA has a small central, professional office in Camden, London. We share our office building with the Political Studies Association. The office is designed to manage the day-to-day business of...