REF 2021 Update

16 January 2018


Many thanks to those members who self-nominated for the REF panel. As you know, BERA Council established a small group led by Professor John Leach with the support of Professor Margaret Brown and Professor Andrew Pollard to manage endorsements and nominations from members of BERA. Throughout this process, BERA has been committed to nominating a knowledgeable, skilled, diverse and talented pool of candidates for membership of the Sub-panel, giving appropriate representation across the field of educational research. This process has now been completed with BERA’s nominations submitted to HEFCE for their consideration.

People seeking nomination were invited to complete a form outlining institutional affiliation (so we could monitor geographic representation of nominees, and types of institutions from which individuals were being nominated) and personal characteristics that would ‘enhance the diversity of nominations to the Education sub-panel’. In making our overall nominations, the group ensured that all nations and all fields have been appropriately represented, and that an appropriately diverse cross-section of BERA members have been nominated to the Sub-panel. As nomination forms came in, the small group mapped areas of expertise and, where deemed appropriate, individuals were contacted to ensure a strong pool of nominees across all fields of our very broad UoA.  The geographic diversity of potential nominees was monitored and (where appropriate) addressed by contacting appropriately-skilled individuals from under-represented nations. Appropriately skilled individuals from under-represented groups were contacted to draw their attention to the call. Potential research users and international scholars were identified by the nominating group and contacted.

BERA has taken an inclusive approach to nominations, and this concludes the Association’s input into the construction of the REF main and sub-panels.  Those who are successful will be contacted directly by HEFCE in due course.