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Reports Part of series: Education & Covid-19: BERA Small Grants Fund research reports

What sources of data did teachers use to inform remote teaching under Covid-19?

Exploring how teachers collected and used data to make decisions about their practice while working in uncertain, rapidly changing conditions during lockdown and school closures, this report considers how teachers ensured continuity of learning for their students and the extent to which they modified learning designs or outcomes for new, remote learning environments.

Report summary

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted education systems worldwide, forcing teachers to find new ways to teach students when physical attendance at school was not possible. Our study investigated how teachers gathered and used data to understand and cater for the diverse educational needs of students in remote learning. We surveyed teachers to understand the challenges faced by emergency remote teaching (ERT) and how they gathered and used existing data to meet their students’ needs. While some teachers had experienced online learning as students, few had taught remotely or online. This meant that teachers had limited experience on which to draw when adjusting to ERT. This was reflected in the limited change to data collection during remote teaching. Our research demonstrates a need to develop teachers’ pedagogical practice and use of data to manage differentiated learning and a flexible response to the given environment in which they are teaching.


Profile picture of Anne-Marie Chase
Anne-Marie Chase, Dr

Independent Digital Learning Consultant at N/A

Anne-Marie Chase is the head of curriculum, Monash College. In this role she is responsible for overseeing the strategic, operational and academic direction of learning innovation at the college. This includes innovative curricula and assessment...

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Katie Richardson, Dr

Research Fellow at Australian Council for Educational Research

Dr Katie Richardson is a research fellow at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), working with ACER’s Centre for School and System Improvement. She moved into teacher education at the University of Melbourne in 2004. She...

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Nathanael Reinertsen

Research Fellow at Australian Council for Educational Research

Nathanael Reinertsen is a research fellow in the Assessment and Psychometric Research division of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Since joining ACER in 2014, he has worked developing large-scale tests of reading and...