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Research Ethics Case Studies

BERA’s Research Ethics Case Studies series, edited by Jodie Pennacchia, presents illustrative case studies designed to complement BERA’s Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research, fourth edition (2018) by giving concrete examples of how those guidelines can be applied during the research process.

For a full account of ethical best-practice as recommended by BERA we suggest that researchers refer to our Ethical Guidelines, which these case studies are intended to illustrate without themselves offering guidance or recommendations.

Annotations in the margins of each case study document in the series indicate where, among the numbered paragraphs of BERA’s Ethical Guidelines, readers can find our full advice on the issues raised (hyperlinks to the relevant passages are included).

So far BERA has published three entries in this series:

  1. Twitter, data collection & informed consent
  2. Researcher wellbeing & international fieldwork
  3. Anticipating the application & unintended consequences of practitioner research


Profile picture of Jodie Pennacchia
Jodie Pennacchia, Dr

University of Birmingham

Dr Jodie Pennacchia is a researcher in the policy-sociology of education. She began her career working in learning support roles in mainstream and alternative schools, and has published work in the field of alternative education. Jodie has...

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