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Pamela Malins, Dr

Assistant Professor at University of New Brunswick

Pamela Malins, assistant professor in education at the University of New Brunswick, explores early childhood curriculum, literacies and identities. In particular, she is interested in the meaning-making opportunities afforded to young children to explore gender and sexual identities. Her most recent research involved a critical discourse analysis of kindergarten curricula across Canada to investigate the ways that these documents include and configure gender and sexuality to support educators in including and addressing diverse identities with young children. Other research has involved work with elementary educators in Ontario regarding their experiences addressing diverse identities in conjunction with the literacy and health curriculum documents. She is well published in a variety of sources including The Conversation Canada, the Teaching and Teacher Education journal, and an online resource with Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies, and spent several years working with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion.

Pamela Malins's contributions