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Ninni Wahlström, Professor

Professor of Education at Linnaeus University

Ninni Wahlström is professor of education at Linnaeus University, Sweden. Her current research focusses on transnational and national policy discourses and their implications for national curriculum and classroom teaching from a perspective of critical curriculum theory. Her research interest is in comparative policy studies that explore educational policy against a backdrop of globalisation and the changing role of the state and of schooling. Wahlström’s research also includes educational philosophy and theory, specifically in pragmatism and in John Dewey’s philosophy of communication and transactional realism. A pragmatist perspective is present in her articles on both cosmopolitanism and teacher agency.

Her most recent publications are:
– Wahlström, N. (2018). When transnational curriculum policy reaches classrooms – teaching as directed exploration. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 50(5), 654–668
– Wahlström, N. & Sundberg, D. (Eds.) (2018). Transnational curriculum standards and classroom practices: The new meaning of teaching. Abingdon: Routledge.

Ninni Wahlström's contributions