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Armend Tahirsylaj, Dr

Associate Professor of Education at Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Armend Tahirsylaj is an associate professor of education at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). His research spans a number of domains, including curriculum theory and policy, Didaktik, education policy, teacher education, international large-scale assessments and international comparative education. His work is theoretically grounded on curriculum and Didaktik education traditions, as well as sociological and political science perspectives on education. The impact of global educational policy flows on national education systems has been a recent focus, and his latest research has appeared in major curriculum journals, including the Curriculum Journal, Transnational Curriculum Inquiry and the Journal of Curriculum Studies. He teaches at undergraduate and graduate study programmes, and his teaching interests focus on curriculum and Didaktik, global and national education policy, international large-scale assessments and the role of information and communication technology on learning.

Armend Tahirsylaj's contributions