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Syafiq Mat Noor, Dr

Lecturer in Climate Change Education at University of Leeds

Dr Syafiq Mat Noor is a Lecturer in Climate Change Education. He joined the School of Education at the University of Leeds in August 2023, having previously undertaken three international postdoctoral fellowships in Scotland, England, and Brunei Darussalam. At present, he is advancing research and scholarship in science education, with a particular focus on climate change. These endeavours aim to enhance both the national and international reputation of the School of Education. His academic trajectory is rooted in pedagogical practices in science education, with a particular emphasis on inquiry-based teaching and learning. In more recent times, climate change education has become a central aspect of his research. He aims to translate the latest climate science insights into school curricula, encompassing professional development for teachers. His goal is to establish a curriculum that not only clarifies the complexities of climate change but also inspires children to take meaningful climate action.

Syafiq Mat Noor's contributions