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Min-Chen Liu, Dr

Research Fellow at Queen's University Belfast

Min-Chen Liu is a multilingual speaker, and her academic background centres around language learning and teaching. She has developed a solid foundation in various aspects of this field, including heritage language learning. This particular area of study holds a special place in her interests.
She finds immense fascination in delving into the intricate relationship between language, motivation and identity. It is captivating to witness the journey of bilingual and multilingual learners as they navigate the vast realm of languages and simultaneously discover their subjective identities.
Her key areas of interest include:
-Bilingual/Multilingual Learning and Teaching
-Heritage Languages Learning and Teaching
-English as a Second Language
-Chinese as a Second Language
-Intercultural Communication
-Language, Motivation and Identity
-Cultural Capital and Linguistic Capital
-Digital Communication and Literacy

Min-Chen Liu's contributions