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Blog Series

BERA Conference 2023

In this blog series, attendees, presenters and prize winners from BERA Conference 2023 share their research topics as well as their conference experiences. By inviting presenters to write a blog post, we gave them the opportunity to expand the audience of their research and reach colleagues who may not have attended the conference or were unable to join their session.

The contributions to this blog series include: 

  • one of the top 10 most read BERA Blog posts of 2023 by Rachel Lofthouse who writes that an essential role for universities is to ‘hold the space’ for professional learning
  • a post by the Race, Ethnicity and Education SIG best presentation prize winner, Penny Rabiger, who writes about her work on racial justice 
  • reflections of an early career researcher on their first conference at BERA 2023 by Ruth Graham
  • the 7th most read BERA Blog post of 2023, in which Ciara O’Donnell explores the tensions in transforming from teacher to teacher educator
  • ‘Just say something!’, a post by Anna-Lise Gordon that sheds light on the importance of child bereavement awareness
  • a post by Feyisa Demie, Kulwinder Maude and Richard Race on the relevance of teacher diversity, for which they ran a symposium at the 2023 conference. 

Content in this series