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Martyn Hammersley, Professor

Open University

Martyn Hammersley is emeritus professor of educational and social research at the Open University, UK. He has carried out research in the sociology of education and the sociology of the media, but much of his work has been concerned with the methodological issues surrounding social enquiry. His books include (with Paul Atkinson) Ethnography: Principles in practice (4th ed., Routledge 2019), The politics of social research (SAGE, 1995), Reading ethnographic research (2nd ed., Longman, 1997), Questioning qualitative inquiry (SAGE, 2008), The limits of social science (SAGE, 2014), The radicalism of ethnomethodology (Manchester University Press, 2018), and The concept of culture (Palgrave Macmillan 2019).

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Martyn Hammersley's contributions