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Joshua Heyes, Dr

University of Lincoln

Before coming to the world of educational research, I completed undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Nottingham, during which I worked on sexual ethics and philosophy of religion. I then took up an exciting opportunity to do a PhD in education as part of an ESRC funded studentship at the University of Birmingham. My doctoral work focused on the complex relationship between sexuality education and religion. Drawing on a narrative study with Christian young men, I set out a re-imagination of post-secular sexuality education, grounded in post-critical, ethical and relational pedagogies. I am interested in how these perspectives might be useful in articulating and navigating the many challenges of delivering sexuality education in culturally diverse communities.

Beyond sexuality education, I have broad interests in the interface between education, theology and social/political theory as well as how research can promote just, equitable, democratic educational practice. I also enjoy drawing on my experience as a children, youth and schools worker in a variety of Christian and non-religious contexts.

My published work can be found in the Journal of Moral Education, Sex Education and in the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Religion and Gender.

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