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Jen Shute, Ms

Research Assistant (Education) / PhD Candidate at University of Plymouth

Jen Shute is a research assistant at the University of Plymouth Institute of Education. Her interests lie in special educational needs and inclusion, stemming from more than 20 years as a special education teacher with leadership responsibilities in the UK and Australia, teaching students with a wide range of ages and dis/abilities. Jen is accredited as an autism practitioner with the Autism Education Trust and continues to work as a tutor/coach with autistic young adults and in a consultancy role. She has an MA in Special Education & Inclusion and has begun her doctoral studies with a focus on the inclusion of children and young people who have long-term health conditions. Jen is currently working as a research assistant with the ‘Are we included?’ team which has a focus on inclusive education practice and provision in secondary schools.

Jen Shute's contributions