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Jane Carter, Dr

Senior Lecturer in Primary Education at University of the West of England

Jane Carter recently completed her doctorate, an evaluation of the year 1 phonics screening check, at the University of the West of England (UWE). The study focussed on the perspectives of year 1 children who took the screening check, exploring their understanding of reading and the role phonics played in their learning. Jane’s research interests focus on learning to read, reading for pleasure and children’s literature. She is currently involved in a number of studies including the impact on children’s reading of student teachers’ implementation of a one-to-one reading intervention programme; the role of cloakroom libraries on children; parental engagement with book sharing; and she is also involved in a project using artificial intelligence to support teachers in rural and township schools in South Africa with teaching reading. Jane was a primary school teacher and local authority consultant before joining UWE as a senior lecturer in primary education.

Jane Carter's contributions