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Francesca Peruzzo, Dr

Research Fellow at University of Birmingham

Francesca Peruzzo is a research fellow at the School of Education at the University of Birmingham (UK). Her research interests lie in the intersection between politics and state theory, inclusion, ableism and education policy. Her doctoral study focused on ableism and neoliberal policies in higher education and their implications for equity of opportunities, and in her research she intersects ableism, racism, classism and activism with decolonial theory and the effects of performativity and market-driven policies on marginalised and excluded students in education and beyond.

She is currently the research lead of the DIGITAL in coronavirus project and the Education RESET project, analysing inclusive digital and non-digital technologies and pedagogical assemblages in the Global South and North during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the impact of privatisation and neoliberal policies on equity of opportunities in a post-pandemic education.

Francesca Peruzzo's contributions