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Elizabeth Wood, Professor

Professor of Education at University of Sheffield

Elizabeth Wood is professor of education at the University of Sheffield. Her research focuses mainly on early childhood and primary education, with specific interests in play and pedagogy; curriculum and assessment in early childhood education; teachers’ professionalism and professional knowledge; policy analysis and critique. Her work on play has international reach and influence, and Elizabeth is currently looking at the ways in which children are blending digital and traditional play, and understanding the relationships between children’s interests, play and pedagogy in early childhood settings.

Elizabeth Wood's contributions

Playful Learning and Curriculum

13 Mar 2023 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Play has a vital role in helping us live happy and healthy lives. Engaging the imagination in playful learning is crucial in helping us make sense of things, and in fostering the creativity and...

Children in forest looking at leaves as a researcher together with the magnifying glass.

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