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Eleni Stamou, Dr

Research Fellow at Aston University

Eleni Stamou is a research fellow on the international project Cultural Heritage and Identities of Europe’s Future (CHIEF), based at Aston University, Birmingham. The project explores how young people develop a sense of cultural identity, heritage and belonging within formal, non-formal and informal educational settings across Europe and beyond. Prior to that, Eleni held research posts in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford, and at the UCL Institute of Education. She has also worked as policy advisor in the public and in the charity sector. Her research interests fall within the fields of sociology, education and youth studies, with a particular focus on youth identities and educational pathways; social class and educational inequalities; inclusion and the prevention of social exclusion; the study of education policy in practice. She holds and MA and a PhD in the sociology of education from the UCL Institute of Education.

Eleni Stamou's contributions