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Anton Popov

Senior Lecturer at Aston University

Anton Popov is a senior lecturer in sociology at the School of Languages and Social Sciences, Aston University. Currently he is co-ordinating the EU-funded project Cultural Heritage and Identities of Europe’s Future (CHIEF). The project investigates young people’s cultural participation and identities within formal, non-formal and informal educational settings across Europe and beyond. He graduated from the History Department of the Kuban State University in Krasnodar, Russia. He then studied social anthropology at the Institute for Ethnology and Anthropology in Moscow, and cultural studies and Russian and East European studies at the University of Birmingham. He received his PhD from the university of Birmingham. His research interests lie in social anthropology; identity and transnationalism; ethnicity; youth culture; history, heritage and memory. His past research was on social activism and production of cultural memories among young Europeans.

Anton Popov's contributions