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Dina Kiwan

University of Birmingham

Dina Kiwan is reader in comparative education, University of Birmingham, UK. She is a member of the Leverhulme Trust International Network, ‘Youth activism, engagement and the development of new civic learning spaces’ (2016–2019). Her research programme focusses on citizenship and inclusion, and is interdisciplinary and comparative in scope. Her interests centre around sociological and politicophilosophical examinations of inclusive citizenship through the lens of education policy, naturalisation policy and migration policy, particularly in the context of pluralist/multicultural societies, and societies in conflict.

Her interests in critical policy analysis are complemented by an interest in how those deemed to be ‘marginalised’ and ‘vulnerable’ constitute themselves as political actors.

Her publications include Kiwan, D. (2008), Education for Inclusive Citizenship (Routledge), and Kiwan, D. (Ed.) (2013), Naturalization Policies, Education and Citizenship: Multicultural and Multination Societies in International Perspective (Palgrave Macmillan).

Dina Kiwan's contributions