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Denise Miller, Dr

Associate professor at University of Greenwich

Denise Miller achieved a BA in Education from the University of Greenwich. She taught in primary schools for eight years before training to become an educational psychologist. After achieving an MSc in Educational Psychology from University College London, she started working as a fully qualified educational psychologist in the London Borough of Lambeth. Her work involved supporting parents and teachers to meet the needs of marginalised children, and those with special educational needs and disabilities through assessment, consultation and in-service training. In 2014, Denise successfully completed a doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology, and then returned to the University of Greenwich as a senior lecturer. Currently, Denise is an associate professor in the School of Human Sciences, and a child and educational psychologist in private practice. Denise continues to work in all educational settings, as well as clinical and legal (as an expert witness) contexts.

Denise Miller's contributions