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Carol Robinson, Professor

Professor of Children's Rights at University of Strathclyde

Carol Robinson is a professor of children’s rights at the University of Strathclyde. Her research interests combine theoretical and empirical work focusing on the voices, experiences, rights and empowerment of children and young people. A major focus of Carol’s work has been around developing insights into issues relating to children’s human rights education (HRE). She regularly receives invitations to contribute to discussions on children’s rights and voice. In October 2018 she commented on the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission draft strategy for school-based HRE and contributed to an all-party parliamentary group discussion at the House of Commons focusing on a vision for public (including school-based) legal and human rights education. Furthermore, in March 2019, following an invitation from the chair of the Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel, Carol commented on the draft law relating to the powers of the Children’s Commissioner for Jersey.

Carol Robinson's contributions