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Angela Colvert, Dr

Lecturer in Education at University of Sheffield

Angela is Lecturer in Education at the University of Sheffield, and Deputy Director of Innovation within the School with particular expertise in co-designing digital games to support creative learning practices (with teachers, children, game-creators and artists). Her award-winning research into the co-production of Alternate Reality Games in schools has had significant impact on product design, immersive theatre practices and on policy development, both nationally and globally.

Most recently she has recently been working with the Digital Futures Commission, in the UK, to support innovators to embed children's rights into design practices. She has also been involved in the development of highly successful educational games, including the Bafta-nominated 'Teach your Monster to Read' and works with immersive theatre companies to research the impact of integrating new technologies in arts in education practices. For more information relating to ongoing projects please see

Angela Colvert's contributions