Teacher Education and Development

The group covers research in initial teacher education, continuing professional development and teachers’ careers.The aims of the Teacher Education and Development SIG are:

  • to bring together all those with a special interest in the full continuum of teacher education – initial teacher education, induction, early professional development continuing professional development, accomplished teaching/advanced certification and leadership preparation/development across school and higher education settings;
  • to promote UK-wide, comparative and international perspectives on contemporary developments in policy and practice for teacher education and teaching across the life course;
  • to promote research on and for teacher education, including consideration of the work and identities of teachers and teacher educators;
  • to explore and theorise the links between knowledge creation and identity across the continuum of student, teacher and teacher educator learning.

Latest SIG Content

Netnography: exploring ‘innovative’ approaches to research

24 July 2018 | Blog

My PhD focusses on how online teacher-learning communities may support professional development, and as a relatively new researcher I was aware that, to address the subject, I needed to build my awareness of research methods. In the first few... [...]

Robots in the classroom? Preparing for the automation of teaching

18 July 2018 | Blog

Fifty years after Stanley Kubrick introduced cinemagoers to HAL9000, the prospect of a robot-infused world still feels more science fiction than social fact. Yet robots are steadily beginning to impact on the nature of contemporary work.... [...]

Teacher education: A weapon of mass instruction?

26 June 2018 | Blog

Two drivers influence nation states engaging in systemic educational reform: a baffling array of metrics on the subject of learning, performance and effectiveness; and the policy impact of international comparisons of educational achievement... [...]

Building Research in Primary Schools (BRiPS)

4 May 2018 | Blog

With the growing importance of securing a strong evidence base for teaching, there is considerable scope for exploring different ways in which teachers can be supported to engage in research. Ultimately the rationale for such an approach needs to... [...]

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Teacher Education and Development

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