Teacher Education and Development

The group covers research in initial teacher education, continuing professional development and teachers’ careers.The aims of the Teacher Education and Development SIG are:

  • to bring together all those with a special interest in the full continuum of teacher education – initial teacher education, induction, early professional development continuing professional development, accomplished teaching/advanced certification and leadership preparation/development across school and higher education settings;
  • to promote UK-wide, comparative and international perspectives on contemporary developments in policy and practice for teacher education and teaching across the life course;
  • to promote research on and for teacher education, including consideration of the work and identities of teachers and teacher educators;
  • to explore and theorise the links between knowledge creation and identity across the continuum of student, teacher and teacher educator learning.

Latest SIG Content

Survey dissemination, school hierarchy and teacher voice

15 November 2017 | Blog

Can we obtain a greater insight into management in schools by asking those whose are being managed? Given the widespread silencing or marginalisation of teacher voice (Courtney and Gunter, 2015; Stevenson and Gilliland, 2015), this may be... [...]

‘TEF what next ….?’ A HE SIG themed seminar

16 March 2018 | Event

We hope this seminar will give the chance to explore and discuss the impact of TEF on pedagogies and other institutional behaviours (e.g. shifting policy and focus as a result of TEF results). We are looking for any papers reporting on or... [...]

The self-improving school system from the classroom out

12 October 2017 | Blog

When thought about at the level of the school or classroom, the self-improving school system involves teachers collaboratively engaging in evidence-informed practice to improve teaching and learning. With this blog I briefly explore what... [...]

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Teacher Education and Development

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