Religions, Values and Education



Our aims are:

– To provide a forum within BERA for researchers of Religions, Values and Education in which to share their research and exchange ideas

– To raise the profile of issues that relate to Religions, Values and Education within the British Educational Research Association and the academy more generally

– To encourage recognition and discussion of research in these areas through the annual conference and by hosting seminars and encouraging research papers within BERJ and other journals

Religious and moral education are significant areas of the curriculum and contribute to school life in a variety of ways but they are often neglected within the wider educational community. The development of religious schools, issues to do with religious identity and pluralism and the nature of moral education with schools all have a significant impact on the nature of schooling as well as the characteristics of the subjects themselves. The SIG will encourage the development of all issues to do with the nature of religious and moral education or the related question of religion and morals in education. It will support research and discussion that considers religious and moral issues from a variety of disciplines as well as international perspectives.

Latest SIG Content

LGBT+ inclusion in schools

8 March 2018 | Blog

In this blog I summarise key evidence from Stonewall’s latest School Report (Bradlow et al, 2017), a study of over 3,700 lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) young people across Britain aged 11–19. In addition, I suggest possible approaches for... [...]

A four-point plan for improving education against extremism

19 February 2018 | Blog

The UK’s counter-extremism Prevent strategy has come under fire consistently since its inception more than 10 years go. Studies have found it divisive, rendering Islamic communities and ethnic minorities more generally vulnerable to suspicion... [...]

Consent education: Undoing the binary and embracing ambiguity

23 November 2017 | Blog

Over the last three years I have worked alongside diverse groups of young people, aged 13–25, to develop insight into what sexual consent might mean to them and why. I have also worked with 12 educators, in both school and informal settings,... [...]

Developing Professional Research: Making an impact

7 June 2018 | Event

In our busy academic world it is often commented on that there is little time for reflection or conversation. Networking and opportunities for personal development are at the heart of this professional learning opportunity. The event is aimed at... [...]

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