Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

The aims of the SIG are to:

– Provide an inclusive and accessible forum for educational researchers interested in issues of educational effectiveness and equitable improvement in schools and their communities, including new as well as established researchers;

– Stimulate and support collaborative, high quality research amongst SIG members;

– Prompt and co-ordinate communication between SIG members, key stakeholders and funding agencies with an interest in issues of educational effectiveness and equitable improvement;

– Raise awareness of research in educational effectiveness and improvement;

– Promote the conduct and dissemination of research in educational effectiveness and improvement;

– Enable collaboration between SIG members and educational researchers working in other disciplines on issues of common interest/concern; and create a point of contact for comparable groups within educational research associations internationally (such as EERA, AERA and AARE).

Latest SIG Content

Escape from the exam factory

16 May 2018 | Blog

Like so many of us, I became a teacher because I love my subject and wanted to inspire the same love in my students (a sentiment repeated every year in advertising for teacher training). I most certainly didn’t envisage working in an exam... [...]

Using evidence-informed resources to accelerate learning

14 May 2018 | Blog

Research in the field of cognitive sciences is constantly unveiling ways that enhance memory and learning. Nevertheless, as previously mentioned in the BERA blog (Younie 2017), findings from scientific investigation do not always reach... [...]

Teacher–student dialogue: Why it matters for student outcomes

9 May 2018 | Blog

For at least two millennia, the dialogue that occurs during teaching has been spotlighted as critical for student outcomes, with many scholars proposing needs for: open questions; elaboration of previous contributions; reasoned discussion of... [...]

Building Research in Primary Schools (BRiPS)

4 May 2018 | Blog

With the growing importance of securing a strong evidence base for teaching, there is considerable scope for exploring different ways in which teachers can be supported to engage in research. Ultimately the rationale for such an approach needs to... [...]

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Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

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