Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

The aims of the SIG are to:

– Provide an inclusive and accessible forum for educational researchers interested in issues of educational effectiveness and equitable improvement in schools and their communities, including new as well as established researchers;

– Stimulate and support collaborative, high quality research amongst SIG members;

– Prompt and co-ordinate communication between SIG members, key stakeholders and funding agencies with an interest in issues of educational effectiveness and equitable improvement;

– Raise awareness of research in educational effectiveness and improvement;

– Promote the conduct and dissemination of research in educational effectiveness and improvement;

– Enable collaboration between SIG members and educational researchers working in other disciplines on issues of common interest/concern; and create a point of contact for comparable groups within educational research associations internationally (such as EERA, AERA and AARE).

Latest SIG Content

Gamifying programming education in K-12

18 October 2018 | Blog

In our recent article published in the British Journal of Educational Technology (Lindberg et al 2018), we present the results of a review on how programming has been approached by K-12 curriculum developers around the world, and what games can... [...]

National curriculum in England: The first 30 years, part 1

2 October 2018 | Blog

For the whole of the 1970s I taught in secondary schools. (I am that old!) At that time there was no national curriculum (NC), so teachers usually decided what to teach as well as how to teach. These decisions were often guided by the content of... [...]

To thrive, new teachers need environments of trust

28 September 2018 | Blog

Having just attended BERA’s Annual Conference at the University of Northumbria, I have been reflecting on the diverse range of talks I attended, and some of the key research messages that I brought away with me – particularly those regarding... [...]

BERA Bites, issue 1: Early childhood

5 September 2018 | Publication

The BERA Bites series presents selected articles from the BERA Blog on key topics in education, presented in an easily printable and digestible format to serve as teaching and learning resources for students and professionals in education. Each... [...]

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Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

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