Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

The aims of the SIG are to:

– Provide an inclusive and accessible forum for educational researchers interested in issues of educational effectiveness and equitable improvement in schools and their communities, including new as well as established researchers;

– Stimulate and support collaborative, high quality research amongst SIG members;

– Prompt and co-ordinate communication between SIG members, key stakeholders and funding agencies with an interest in issues of educational effectiveness and equitable improvement;

– Raise awareness of research in educational effectiveness and improvement;

– Promote the conduct and dissemination of research in educational effectiveness and improvement;

– Enable collaboration between SIG members and educational researchers working in other disciplines on issues of common interest/concern; and create a point of contact for comparable groups within educational research associations internationally (such as EERA, AERA and AARE).

Latest SIG Content

Evidence-informed practice – much talk and little action

30 October 2017 | Blog

Evidence-informed practice in classrooms (EPiC practice) is a growing issue for teachers in schools and interestingly a Google search on the topic gives a million and a half returns. Over recent years as those of us in the MESH (Mapping... [...]

The self-improving school system from the classroom out

12 October 2017 | Blog

When thought about at the level of the school or classroom, the self-improving school system involves teachers collaboratively engaging in evidence-informed practice to improve teaching and learning. With this blog I briefly explore what... [...]

The Question of Knowledge in the Curriculum

3 October 2017 | Blog

In some ways, the recent controversy over Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence, introduced in 2010, could be said to be going over a familiar knowledge versus skills debate. Not only is it banal to say that obviously, both are involved, but it... [...]

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Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

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