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The BERA Early Career Researcher Network aims to offer support for those who are in the process of completing their masters or doctorate in education, as well as those who have completed their studies within the past 3 years. It seeks to meet the needs of not only those who are pursuing studies/careers as researchers within Higher Education, but also those who are practitioners (in primary, secondary or Further Education) seeking to undertake research to support their development.

In line with BERA’s strategic priority to increase capacity of the field, the principle objectives of the Network are to provide opportunities for early career researchers (ECRs) to engage with their peers to develop their knowledge and skills; to gain experience and to network; and to be connected with BERA and the broader academic community within education. The Network will accomplish this in a number of ways, from targeted correspondence with ECRs to events designed specifically to meet the needs of this community. BERA will also provide bursaries to enable ECRs to access development opportunities as well as provides awards to recognise the work that is undertaken within the field.



The ECR Network runs a number of events every year

  • An annual symposia series across the country focusing on a theme
  • Annual BERA-BAICE Writing for Publications Workshop
  • Annual BERA-SERA Seminar Series
  • Dedicated ECR breakfast session at BERA Annual Conference

Find out more www.bera.ac.uk/events



The ECR network runs two awards recognising the academic excellence and rigour of Early Career Researchers:

The BERA Masters Dissertation Award

The BERA Doctoral Thesis Award



Event bursaries – The ECR Network offers travel bursaries for all BERA events to the value of £75 towards travel.  www.bera.ac.uk/events

ECR Event Funding Scheme– The ECR Network also runs an event grant scheme that funds ECRs to attend other organizations conferences upto £1000 towards travel, accommodation and registration fees.

BERA Annual Conference – The ECR Network offers complimentary places at the BERA Annual Conference. Full and part time BERA student members are eligible to apply.


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