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Transforming Childhoods’ Relationships: A Collage of Experience



These are unprecedented times. The world is grappling with a pandemic, huge environmental challenges, racial, social and economic inequalities, democratic deficit and a profound transformation of the way we live and interact with each other. As educators our two main points of foci are children and childhood; and education or learning – both of which have been undergoing fundamental changes, exacerbated by the effects of Covid-19.

Accordingly, this webinar explores the relationship between:

  • Childhood and technology
  • Childhood and formal and informal pedagogy
  • Childhood and nature
  • Childhood and families

The relational aspects of childhood have been influenced by issues of mental and physical well-being, parental engagement in the home learning environment, increasing use of technology, and changing pedagogic practices in the various spheres of a child’s life.

So, can the experiences that we share today as researchers, practitioners and students help us to interrogate changes and continuities in understandings of childhood?
How do they impact upon the spaces, places, relations and practices of education?
How can shared understandings of these transformations contribute to a more socially just future for all?

The Children and Childhoods SIG presents an interactive virtual conference where participants who have a passion for exploring the changing ‘relational child’ will present image-based snapshots of their research. This conceptual collage of research on the theme of relational children and childhoods will encourage an exploration of connections across a broad spectrum. Through these connections, we hope to develop understandings about the complexity and diversity of children’s relationships at present.

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Rita Chawla-Duggan, Dr

University Lecturer at University of Bath

I am a member of the Learning, Pedagogy and Diversity Research Cluster. Originally trained as a teacher, I taught in pre-prep, primary and middle schools. After studying ‘The Ethnography of Educational Settings’ as part of my Masters degree,...

Chrysoula Mangafa, Dr

Deputy Director of Academic Affairs at Metropolitan College, Greece

Following a teaching career in mainstream and special schools in the UK and Greece, Chrysoula started her academic career in Higher Education in 2017 teaching across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, with a focus on Primary...


Mallika Kanyal, Dr

Course Leader/Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University

Mallika has got experience in teaching and research. She works as a senior lecturer and teaches on different Early Childhood undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Mallika has been in the field of Higher Education since 2000 and has teaching...

Paulette Luff, Dr

Course Leader at Anglia Ruskin University

Paulette has worked in the field of early childhood throughout her career as a teacher, foster carer, school-home liaison worker, nursery practitioner and advisor, and as a childcare and education lecturer in further education. These different...

Snapshot Speakers

Joy Cranham

University of Bath

Joy Cranham is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Education at the University of Bath. Her research interest lies in identifying effective approaches to educate families and children about healthy relationships. Her work focuses on...

Mitali Dutta

Postgraduate Research Student at The University of Bath

Mitali C Dutta is a doctoral student in the Department of Education at the University of Bath. Her research interest is in the area of parental engagement and use of digital technology in education among the ethnic minority communities in England.

Hannah Hogarth

Postgraduate Research Student at The University of Bath

Hannah is a doctoral researcher in the Department of Education, University of Bath. Her research focuses on ‘childhood nature’ relations during outdoor play in early childhood education settings. Using post qualitative, playful methodologies,...