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Elisabeth Neiada

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Education at University of Bath

Elisabeth is a second year PhD candidate in Education at the University of Bath. Her research addresses parental engagement and family-school partnerships in IB schools in Athens, Greece. It is a qualitative, interpretative study that will use five IB schools as case studies in data collection. Namely, questions that underpin her study are: “What approaches, attitudes, atmosphere, and actions do schools assume to promote parental engagement?”; “How do parents and educators perceive their individual and collective roles in supporting parental engagement?” and “Do IB schools in Athens appear to have similar understandings of and approaches to parental engagement, considering their profiles as schools?”. Elisabeth has a background in International Education and has taught in IB schools in Athens, London, Paris and New York. The BERA sig event “Transforming Childhoods’ Relationships: A Collage of Experience” attracted her attention as it resonates with her research topic and explores relationships between parents and children. Apart from her passion in teaching, Elisabeth loves to travel, cook and spend time with her two children.

Elisabeth Neiada's contributions