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Should Phonics be ‘the only game in town’?


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Recently Phonics has been accepted as the prime approach for the teaching and learning of reading and as a key way to measure success in reading pedagogy. This webinar aims to problematise that view by presenting a variety of perspectives on the efficacy, political and economic implications of using Phonics. Zsargo’s research in primary schools explores children’s views on Phonics and finds they sometimes struggle to see Phonics and reading as related. Woore et al’s research in post-primary French classrooms finds that an integrated approach to French reading instruction, using reading strategies and Phonics, is likely to be more beneficial than any approach used in isolation. Woods and Baroutsis’ present an analysis of comments from the media to challenge a recent move in Australia to introduce a Phonics check for all six-year olds whilst Soler examines the commodification of Phonics within early literacy education and how marketisation has impacted on the conceptions of learners and the professional role and status of teachers working in this area.

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Profile picture of Liz Zsargo
Liz Zsargo, Ms

Senior Lecturer in Primary Education at University of Huddersfield

I joined Huddersfield University in 2014 as a Senior Lecturer in Primary Education, with nearly twenty five years of experience working in education. A former primary headteacher, I have worked in a range of primary schools and taught all year...

Profile picture of Suzanne Graham
Suzanne Graham, Professor

Professor at University of Reading

Suzanne Graham is Professor of Language and Education at the University of Reading, Institute of Education. She has led a number of large research projects in the field of second language education, exploring the factors that underpin effective...

Profile picture of Robert Woore
Robert Woore, Dr

Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics at University of Oxford

Robert Woore is Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics at Oxford University Department of Education. His main research interests centre on the learning and teaching of foreign languages in instructed contexts, particularly in school...

Profile picture of Annette Woods
Annette Woods, Professor

Professor at Queensland University of Technology

Annette Woods is a Professor in the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education, Faculty of Education at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia. She researches and teaches in the areas of literacies, digital literacies, social...

Profile picture of Aspa Baroutsis
Aspa Baroutsis, Dr

Senior Lecturer at Southern Cross University

Aspa Baroutsis (PhD) is a senior lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Education. She is known nationally for her research in media sociology, focused on portrayals of teachers, teaching, and schools across traditional print and social media;...

Profile picture of Janet Soler
Janet Soler, Dr

Senior Lecturer at The Open University Milton Keynes

Dr Soler is a senior lecturer, chair of modules in the inclusive practice pathway, Area G Coordinator for the Language and Literacy area in the Educational Doctorate Programme, and convenor for the British Educational Research Associations’...


Profile picture of Barbara Skinner
Barbara Skinner, Professor

Professor in TESOL and Education at Ulster University

Barbara Skinner is a Professor in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)and Education in the School of Education at Ulster University. Barbara lectures on a range of teacher education courses. She is involved with doctoral...

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Should Phonics be ‘the only game in town’?

Recently Phonics has been accepted as the prime approach for the teaching and learning of reading and as a key way to measure success in reading pedagogy. This webinar problematise that view by...

Video21 Oct 2020