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Emotions and Moral Learning in Early Childhood Education


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  • What is moral learning at the early stages of education?
  • What role do the emotions and social interaction with caretakers, teachers and peers play in children’s early stages of moral learning?
  • How should we assess children’s moral development?
  • How can we improve children’s moral education?

These questions will be explored in our online event Emotions and Moral Learning in Early Childhood Education – a collaboration between BERA’s Philosophy of Education and Early Childhood and Care SIG.

It is for early years teachers, philosophers, educators and policy makers interested in the role of emotions and social interaction in moral learning.

The event on Thursday 21st October 2021,15:00-17:00pm will open with a dialogue between our invited speakers:

  • Daniel Vanello – University of Warwick
  • Catriona Card – Berkley Primary School, Scunthorpe
    Before a Q&A and wider discussion.
  • Alex Sabine, Teaching Fellow at University of Portsmouth

Children’s moral education is at the heart of a prosperous society. It ensures that children grow up as healthy adults whose lives are enriched by core values such as friendship and attachments, respect for others, motivation to contribute to the community and democratic citizenship.

Increasingly, academic research on moral education is recognising that moral learning starts at earlier stages of a child’s life than has previously been understood. We are at a stage where we both recognise the importance of early years moral education but have little understanding of it. This webinar will be the starting exploration for this area of education that has been particularly highlighted by the pandemic.

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Profile picture of Janet Orchard
Janet Orchard, Dr

Associate Professor at University of Bristol

Dr Janet Orchard is an associate professor of philosophy and religion in teacher education at the University of Bristol. She is interested in ethical deliberation in teacher education, particularly issues of religious and cultural difference,...

Profile picture of Nikki Fairchild
Nikki Fairchild, Dr

Associate Professor in Creative Methodologies and Education at University of Portsmouth

Nikki Fairchild is the associate head (research and innovation) in the School of Education and Sociology at the University of Portsmouth. Her teaching and research explore professionalism, leadership, pedagogy and practice in early child...


Profile picture of Catriona Card
Catriona Card

Teacher at Berkeley Infant School, Scunthorpe

Catriona Card is an experienced early years teacher and Religious Education subject leader who currently teaches a Reception class at a large primary school in Scunthorpe. She is a member of the executive of the National Association of Teachers...

Profile picture of Daniel Vanello
Daniel Vanello

Research Fellow at University of Warwick

Daniel Vanello is Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow in the Philosophy Department at the University of Warwick where he is pursuing the project “Shaping Our Moral Identity” (2020-2023). Vanello was awarded his PhD at the University of...

Profile picture of Alex Sabine
Alex Sabine, Mr

Senior Teaching Fellow at University of Portsmouth

Alex Sabine has worked in education since 2006 with a career spanning all phases of development. He is a teaching fellow and undergraduate course leader for early childhood studies at the University of Portsmouth and co-chair for the Early...

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