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Journal Peer Review: What are Journal Editors Looking for?

Doctoral students and Early Career Researchers often struggle to navigate journal peer review (here are two BERA ECR Network podcasts (1)/(2) on the topic) because it is not a skillset that is explicitly and structurally incorporated into (post-)doctoral training and programmes. More often than not, junior researchers acquire the nitty-gritty of journal peer review through hands-on experiences, sometimes without the support of more experienced researchers. Bringing together journal editors of four leading international journals in the broad field of education, this webinar series adopts an in-depth, case study approach to pinpoint the dos’ and don’ts of journal peer review.

Speakers will share their experiences and narratives of editing their journals. In doing so, attendees are expected to gain a better understanding of the important topics related to journal peer review such as factors affecting editorial decisions, recommendations for how to respond to reviewers’ comments.

Content in this series