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Pre-Conference Workshops

8 September 2024 to 12 September 2024University of Manchester

Multilingual literacies as resources in educational biographies
Sunday 8 September 2024
13:30 – 17:30

Price: from £25
Venue: University of Manchester

The workshop addresses the complex development of multiliteracies in linguistically diverse contexts. The presented research is based on the data on reading and writing in multilingual adolescents in analogous and digital modes gathered in a German longitudinal study on language development in multilingual students (MEZ). The workshop addresses the interrelation of literacies in multilingual repertoires: their role as resources in the educational biographies of immigrant students. In discussing the influence of multiliteracies on learning, innovative assessments of multilingual skills are presented, and adaptability of these assessments to different national contexts is discussed.

With this workshop, participants will

  • gain an overview of the resources-oriented perspective on multiliteracies in multilingual students;
  • discuss approaches to the assessment of multiliteracies in multilingual repertoires.

Workshop Leads

Profile picture of Ingrid Gogolin
Ingrid Gogolin, Professor

Senior Professor at Universität Hamburg

Dr. Ingrid Gogolin is Professor for International comparative and intercultural education research at the University of Hamburg and director of the Research Center “LiDS – Literacy in Diversity Settings”. Her research is focussed on the...

Profile picture of Irina Usanova
Irina Usanova

University of Hamburg

Dr. Irina Usanova is the director of the research program “MARE – Multiliteracy as a Labour Market Resource” at the University of Hamburg, Germany. The program is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research from 2021 to...