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Andrew Clapham, Dr

Associate Professor at Nottingham Trent University

Andrew Clapham is an Associate Professor and Higher Education Academy Senior Fellow and Director of the Centre for Behavioural Research Methods. Andrew examines the sociology of education and focuses upon how education policy plays out in different education settings. He has undertaken numerous research and evaluation projects examining education in its many guises, with an interest in informal learning, education governance, mathematics education and assessment and teaching in the Further Education and Skills sector. Andrew works closely with policy-makers and practitioners to develop empirical evidence that informs and critiques educational policy. His research and evaluation expertise have led to him working extensively in regional, national and international settings.

Andrew Clapham's contributions

Risk Assessment & Audit Committee

The BERA Risk Register is reviewed by the Risk Assessment and Audit Committee (RAAC) twice a year. RAAC acts as an independent and objective body, monitoring and assessing the risk to the...

Finance & Operations Committee

The role of the Finance & Operations Committee is to: Ensure that the financial basis upon which BERA operates is secure; Ensure that the principles and practices of employment we offer to...