The Curriculum Journal

Published: 1 January 2013

The Curriculum Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original contributions to the study of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Papers reporting empirical studies and theoretical analyses from a range of perspectives, including philosophical and historical, are welcome. The journal particularly welcomes papers that include attention to the implications for policy and practice that arise from theoretical and empirical work.

The journal makes a specialist contribution to knowledge related to the educational phases that impact on children from the early years to adulthood.

The Editors of the Journal are:

Professor Dominic Wyse, Institute of Education

Professor Louise Hayward, University of Glasgow

Professor Steve Higgins, Durham University

Professor Kay Livingston, University of Glasgow

The Curriculum Journal is published by Taylor & Francis; more information can be obtained from the publisher’s site.


From January 2019

The lead editors will be Dr Stavroula Philippou (University of Cyprus) and Professor Mark Priestley (University of Stirling ).

They will be supported by a strong team of deputy editors who are Dr Daniel Alvunger (Linnaeus University, Sweden), Professor Kathryn Hibbert (Western University, Canada), Professor David Leat (Newcastle University, UK), Dr Nienke Nieveen, (Eindhoven University of Technology and SLO, Netherlands), Dr Claire Sinnema  (University of Auckland, NZ) and Dr Tiina Soini (Tampere University, Finland).

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