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Tülin Otbiçer Acar, Dr

Measurement and evaluation specialist in education, Independent researcher at Parantez Education Research Consultancy and Publishing

Dr Tülin Otbiçer Acar completed her doctoral studies at Hacettepe University, specialising in Measurement and Evaluation in Education. Her research focuses on statistical methods for analysing educational data. She holds a master’s degree in Social Studies Education and a bachelor’s degree in Educational Measurement and Evaluation, both from Hacettepe University. Additionally, she has a degree in Philosophy from Anadolu University. She has published numerous scientific articles in international journals and presented her research at academic conferences. A founding member of the Association for Measurement and Evaluation in Education and Psychology, she served as the publisher and general secretary of the association’s journal. She has also played a key role in developing national occupational standards in education, making significant contributions to the field.

Tülin Otbiçer Acar's contributions