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Tinghe Jin

University of East Anglia

Dr Tinghe Jin is a lecturer in education at School of Education and Lifelong Learning, UEA. She completed her PhD as a Centenary Scholar at UCL Institute of Education. She then became an Assistant Professor in research at Durham University with the British Academy postdoctoral fellowship award. Tinghe’s research specialises in intercultural education concerning identity perceptions of students and teachers. Her research also links intercultural perspectives with pedagogy development and teachers’ professional development. She is currently undertaking a research project funded by the British Academy focusing on the development of the curriculum and pedagogy of Chinese language studies in the UK from intercultural and historical perspectives. She has been awarded by the British Academy’s Humanities and Social Sciences Tackling Global Challenges Programme to conduct a research project on health and well-being of adolescents learning online during COVID-19 pandemic in China starting from March 2021. She is also the founding president of the Chinese Educational Research Association in the UK and has co-edited books and journal special issues addressing issues and developments in Chinese educational research. Her recent book ‘Interculturality in Learning Mandarin Chinese in British Universities’ was published with Routledge in November 2020.

Tinghe Jin's contributions