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Upcoming event Part of series: BERA-CERA Academic Publishing Webinar Series 2021

BERA-CERA Academic Publishing Webinar Series 2021 – 2



The BERA-CERA Academic Publishing Webinar Series 2021 are targeted at PGRs and ECRs who are relatively new to the ‘Academic Publications World’ and who lack experiences in academic publishing and peer reviewing. There are three webinars in this series, including two on academic publishing from a senior researcher’s and an early career researcher’s perspectives respectively, and one on peer reviewing. The webinars will introduce new writers to general principles and techniques of writing for publications, as well as to navigating peer reviewing for academic journals.

Academic Publishing from an Early Career Researcher’s Perspectives, Dr Achala Gupta, University of Surrey

Watching a BERA Virtual event

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Achala Gupta

University of Surrey

Dr Achala Gupta is a Research Fellow in the Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey. Her research focuses on investigating educational issues sociologically. Achala’s current interests include: education delivery systems (formal and...


Tinghe Jin

University of East Anglia

Dr Tinghe Jin is a lecturer in education at School of Education and Lifelong Learning, UEA. She completed her PhD as a Centenary Scholar at UCL Institute of Education. She then became an Assistant Professor in research at Durham University with...