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Tiago Carvalho, Mr

Mathematics Teacher at Stoke Newington School & Sixth Form

Tiago Carvalho has been teaching mathematics at Stoke Newington School since 2016, after eight years working in software development. As part of his role as key stage 5 maths coordinator he is responsible for addressing the issue of under-representation of key groups in A-level maths. He has been responsible for a key stage 2/3 transition project with a local primary school, focusing on developing disadvantaged students’ oracy and improving their general confidence with maths. Tiago has been interested in teaching maths for social justice since his PGCE studies at the UCL Institute of Education. He has contributed to the transition to mixed-attainment teaching in the maths department. Since 2017 he has been collaborating on the Visible Maths Pedagogy project with Pete Wright and Alba Fejzo to explore ideas to improve the engagement of students in the classroom.

Tiago Carvalho's contributions