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Scott Buckler, Dr

Chartered Teacher at Holy Trinity School

Scott is a Chartered Teacher and a Chartered Psychologist, with a career in primary and secondary education, eLearning, and various roles in higher education. He currently leads Computing and Information Technology at Holy Trinity School, an all-through school in the West Midlands. He also works as an independent academic with other universities in the areas of transpersonal psychology, inclusive education, and research methods.

With over 42 years of experience in the martial arts, Scott's PhD thesis explored the anthropology and psychology of the martial art, Wing Chun. He is a Level 3 advanced coach in Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA).

Scott's most recent book, 'Essentials of Research Methods in Education', was released in April 2023 by Sage Publications. He is currently working on the fourth edition of ‘Psychology for Teachers’. For more information visit:

Scott Buckler's contributions