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Sabilah Eboo Alwani, Mrs

Doctoral Candidate at University of Cambridge

Sabilah is a doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. Having held senior roles in education technology and publishing, her research now focuses on early childhood learning and development, and the effect of parent engagement on childhood during the Covid-19 crisis. She is particularly interested in exploring how parent–child play and healthy development are affected by the mediator of parental resilience.

Sabilah’s work is associated with Cambridge’s REAL and PEDAL research centres. She also spearheads a team of 12 international scholars on the Post-Pandemic Play initiative, for which she holds a grant from BAICE. She is an associate director of the COVGEN Alliance, and a designated Google research innovator. She completed her MPhil in education and international development at Cambridge, and holds dual BAs from Columbia University in the USA.

Sabilah Eboo Alwani's contributions