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Robyn Moore, Dr

Lecturer at University of Tasmania

Robyn Moore is a White feminist who lives and works on the land of the Paredarerme. Her research examines taken-for-granted aspects of Australian society and explores strategies to build social equity such as allyship and decolonisation. While chiefly focused on race and gender, she is invested in interrupting all aspects of normative dominance, including those related to class, sexuality and ability. She is engaged in a range of research projects exploring topics such as microaggressions and unconscious bias relation to the experiences of women of colour in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM), girls in action sports, cultural safety teaching and collaborative teaching models. Robyn’s research is not separate from her personal, ongoing journey to challenge the cultural assumptions and privileges she has imbibed as, in many ways, a member of the dominant culture in Australia.

Robyn Moore's contributions