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Rachel Abbott

Undergraduate Student at University of Plymouth

Rachel Abbott is a third-year Illustration student at the University of Plymouth (UK). Their illustrations usually fit within the children’s market, but they love doing other work too. A lot of her work so far has been centred around disability or LGBTQ+ topics. They are a part-time wheelchair and mobility aid user, autistic and hard of hearing. She is passionate about accessibility, inclusivity and acceptance. In their last year of study, Rachel is keen to be involved in more projects featuring disability and queer topics, both within the university and in her local area.

Rachel Abbott's contributions

Co-developing inclusive and accessible e-learning resources: Placing disabled and neurodiverse student voices at the centre of our practice

A new ecology of higher education: Disability, access, participation and belonging

What is required to support disabled and neurodiverse university students into meaningful, work-based opportunities? A consultation undertaken through the University of Plymouth’s Office for...

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Blog post13 Jan 2023