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Pete Boyd, Professor Emeritus

Emeritus Professor / Consultant at University of Cumbria

Pete Boyd is an education consultant and research mentor working with educators and practitioner researchers in schools, colleges and universities to support the development of research-informed practice. He is emeritus professor in education at the University of Cumbria and visiting professor in academic development at Newman University. Pete’s background is in teaching and teacher education and also in academic development. He currently supervises doctoral students in educational research and teaches academic development courses for UK and international academics. His key research and development areas of interest include academic identity and work including the ‘Becoming a Teacher Educator’ project. He has an ongoing interest in assessment and feedback, he co-authored a key text ‘Developing Assessment in Higher Education’ (2007) and is currently conference chair of the Assessment in Higher Education network. As Professor of Professional Learning he contributed to strategic development and research capacity building to establish a new institution, the University of Cumbria, in northern England. He is an associate of Advance HE (formerly the HE Academy) and is part of the Degree Standards project team. He continues to work with school teachers and research in classroom practice through a consultant role in the NNW Maths Hub.

Before moving into higher education he spent 12 years teaching in comprehensive schools and three years in outdoor residential education. Pete’s research interests and publication topics include the work and identity of professional educators, assessment in higher education and collaborative close-to-practice research with schoolteachers.

With Jean Murray and Liz White, he recently co-authored the third edition of Becoming a Teacher Educator: Guidelines for Academic Induction, which is available on an open access basis and is published by Advance HE.

Pete Boyd's contributions