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Pamela-Zoe Topalli, Mrs

Doctoral Candidate, University Lecturer at University of Turku (Turun Yliopisto)

Pamela-Zoe Topalli is a doctoral researcher and a university teacher in the Department of Teacher Education at University of Turku, Finland. She is a licensed psychologist with a diploma degree in psychology from Aristotle University (Greece) and a double master’s degree in education from University of Turku and University of Regensburg (Germany). Her research focuses on children and adolescents’ socio-emotional wellbeing. She has authored and co-authored articles and book chapters related to pupils’ psychosocial adjustment including the links between social competence and depression, loneliness, social anxiety, bullying-victimization and psychiatric symptoms. Her vision for educational contexts responsive to pupils’ socio-emotional needs has motivated her to share her knowledge through workshops in both academic and non-academic events internationally and to teach several relevant university courses.

Pamela-Zoe Topalli's contributions