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Nysha Givans, Ms

Doctoral Student at University of Wolverhampton

Currently enrolled in a Professional Doctorate in Education program at the University of Wolverhampton, I am deeply engaged in examining the challenges faced by marginalized communities from lower socio-economic backgrounds within the educational system. In addition to my doctoral research, I am actively involved in exploring the decolonization of the education system and addressing Afro hair discrimination within educational contexts.

My research centres on communitarianism and its multifaceted impact on marginalized groups, whether positive or negative. Employing methodologies such as autoethnography, film analysis, and literary text examination, my doctoral thesis aims to delve into the narratives portrayed in Shane Meadows' film and TV series – This Is England. Through this research, I aspire to illuminate the experiences of individuals navigating educational barriers, particularly those arising from working-class backgrounds.

Nysha Givans's contributions

The ECR Journey: At Crossroads of Becoming

5 Jun 2024 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

On this 2nd ECR Annual Conference we continue to celebrate the ECR journeys and welcome educational researchers and practitioners to join us in Leeds.  This year’s conference is anchored on the...

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